Thursday Night Alive

Thursday Night Alive is a Bible Study Group of mixed ages, singles and couples that enjoy fellowship as we gather to grow in the scriptures.  We meet at the Calvary Youth House on the first Thursday night of the months of September-April.  Originally known by the members of Calvary as the Mr. Mrs. Society, in 2004, we changed our name to Thursday Night Alive, to include singles into our group as well.

Our group built, sponsors and maintains the Calvary Wayside Chapel.   The Calvary Wayside Chapel was built in 1965, and is a stopping point for weary travelers to stop and take a rest.  A Bible, song book and many tracts are kept in the chapel for people to use for a quiet time.

Our group also enjoys fun and fellowship.  Each year we have a special kick-off meeting to begin our season.  In December we have a Soup Supper Game Night.

We are always eager to enfold new members.  We have no age limits and anyone is welcome to join us.

Calvary Wayside Chapel from Calvary Pella on Vimeo.

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