Jim and Josephine Zylstra.

Jim is the country director for World Renew in Tanzania. World Renew’s vision statement says, “World Renew envisions a world where people experience and extend Christ’s compassion and live together in hope as God’s community.” To make this vision a reality in Tanzania we work with two dioceses of the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) and three other faith based organizations. They help families live better lives and transform communities through programs of food security (agricultural production), functional adult literacy, community based health care, HIV and AIDS response, savings and credit, water and sanitation, justice education, disaster response and environmental stewardship.

To contact the Zylstras:

Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 7615
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Email: jzylstra@worldrenew.net



Tom and Cheryl Soerens

Tom and Cheryl Soerens serve as missionaries in Costa Rica working for Christian Reformed World Missions. Serving originally as the director of the denominational seminary of the CRC of Honduras (for 14 years), since 2000 their training ministry has been through UNELA, the Evangelical University of the Americas in Costa Rica. Tom works 3/4 time in the training specialty of developing online courses on the graduate and post-graduate level, a pivotal initiative for a training ministry among Spanish-speakers the world over. The remaining 1/4 time is dedicated to a new institute for Latin American Christian Higher Education called Pro Educación Integral with the focus of helping the new Christian colleges of Latin America to set their educational task firmly within a biblical worldview.

To contact the Soerens:

E-mail: thomas.soerens@gmail.com

Website: http://missiodei.com/soerens


Doug and Priscilla Higby

Name : Doug and Priscilla Higby

Organization : Wycliffe Bible Translators and Partner Missionaries with CRWM

Motto : Harnessing technology to expedite the translation of God’s Word into all languages.

Doug & Priscilla Higby are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Doug is the International Coordinator for Language Technology Use, and Priscilla is serving at Black Forest Academy.

Email: Doug@higbyfamily.com or Priscilla@higbyfamily.com

Website : www.higbyfamily.com

Postal address:
Forum Linguistik in Eurasien e.V.
An der Schwemme 4,
79400 Kandern,


Joel and Jeannie Huyser 

Joel serves as director of transformation networks for Christian Reformed World Missions. The vision of transformation networks is to identify, encourage, connect, and resource local Christian leaders for excellence in ministries that both grow the church and transform communities and the society. Joel gives guidance to this strategy in various countries of Latin America as well as in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.  In December of 2013 Joel and Jeannie moved to Irving, Texas, so that Joel could more easily travel to the areas of the world where he is involved.

Postal address:

3200 Parliament St.,
Irving, Texas 75062

Email: jhuyser@crcna.org

Web Site: www.nehemiahcenter.org


Mike and Megan Ribbens

In the capital city of Nigeria, Daniel Center functions as one of CRWM’s global Transformation Networks. The TN strategy describes a way of thinking about and doing missions with others to cultivate real Gospel change. As the director of Daniel Center, Mike identifies, connects and equips Nigerian leaders to live out the Gospel and unlearn cultural lies. Through various avenues, Megan advocates for the rights and care of children. Currently, she is developing a children’s photography program called Through Their Eyes and teaches preschool at CTL Academy. Amira, Nico and Stella attend CTL Academy and love growing up in Abuja.

To contact the Ribbens:

mribbens@gmail.com for Megan and mribbens@crcna.org for Mike.

Blog: http://www.mribbens.blogspot.com/

Postal address:
Mike and Megan Ribbens, c/o CRWM Nigerian Courier,
2850 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49560


Mike and Gail De Young

Mike is the network administrator for Rehoboth Christian School.  His responsibility includes the installation, upgrading and maintenance of our computer and telephone system as well as maintaining staff and students accounts and troubleshooting any tech problems.  Gail is Middle School Counselor, Futures teacher for 8th graders, and co-director of 5 choirs (6th,7th,8th,High School and Cantabile).

Their contact information is:

Mike and Gail De Young
703 Vanden Bosch Pkwy.
Gallup, NM   87301

Email:  Gdeyoung@rcsnm.org or Mdeyoung@rcsnm.org

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