Dinner for Eight


Q:  How does Dinner for Eight work?

A:  Simply click and submit the sign-up form for you and your spouse (if you have one).  You’ll then be randomly placed with others to make up a group of six.  A leader will be selected from the group and will call all the other members and make arrangements for your first adventure.  The leader will then invite one other couple or individual to join the group of six.  During the first dinner, the group will agree where and when to go the following month, and who will invite the next guests to join your group.  Each month someone else will invite the guests to join them for the evening.  The group can be as creative as they choose in the location for the meals (even at members’ homes, if you so choose), however we encourage all Dinner for Eight groups to be alcohol-free to enable as many people as possible to participate.

Q:   How are Leaders selected & what do they do?

A:   You can sign up to be a Leader on the sign-up form. If there are not enough Leaders for the number of groups we have, Leaders will be randomly selected from the six people in the group. All Leaders have to do is call the other people in the group, & give them information for the first dinner on the pre-selected night.  It is highly recommended to schedule all the future dinner gatherings your first night together. Leaders will then serve as a point person, as needed, for future gatherings.

Q:   Pre-selected night? What’s that?

A:   That is the night Dinner for Eight officially starts.  Most Dinner for Eight groups will begin on a Friday night; your Leader will contact you to let you know the specific date and time.  However, the dinner dates for the remaining months will be determined by the group and it is best to set the rest of the dates at the first get together.

Q:   Will there be separate Dinner for Eight groups for singles & couples?

A:   NO!! Our intention is to mix EVERYONE together. That way, it’ll be more fun.

Q:   How will that be done?

A:   As we start putting the Dinner for Eight groups together, we’ll split singles & couples into two piles, & then randomly put people together in order to make sure each group has six people. Some groups might be all couples, some might have two couples & four singles, and others might have one couple & six singles. It all depends on who signs up. The mystery is what makes it exciting!  If you wish to be in a group with a particular person(s) just list that on the registration form.  We will do our best to accommodate your choice(s); however it will depend on the signups.

Q: What happens when the three months are over?

A:   Hopefully, you will have had such a wonderful experience that you’ll sign-up again for another round! Or perhaps, you have had such a great time together as a group and you are eager to continue on as a group for another session or as a new small group.  As the groups end you are encouraged to sign up again for brand new groups. For more info on taking this step, contact Pastor Sheldon at 628-4552, or email callingpastor@calvary-crc.org.

Q: This sounds like fun!  How do I sign up?

A:  Complete and return the sign-up form.   Once 6 people have signed up a group will form. In the future, we will assemble groups in January and August, for launching in February and September.


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